LiteBlue USPS Official

USPS Liteblue is Your official postal service in the United States. The USPS in lite blue stands for United States Postal Service that’s a significant and huge group of members contributing towards the nation’s development.

USPS is also one of the largest employer (3rd largest) in the US, as of February 2015 liteblue USPS has 617,254 busy employees and managed 211,264 vehicles in 2014.

LiteBlue USPS Official

USPS is an integrated communication system which spreads across the entire nation. USPS holds a long history of serving US citizens for 247 years. USPS has different dedicated wings for its operations just like the Army article which is devoted to Army uses.


Now, in here we’ll be talking more about LiteBlue USPS Official among the earliest postal systems in the world.

In here we will be deciphering all about” Login”. Liteblue is an official site of USPS for its own workers to access details about his/her job at USPS. Every employee of USPS is provided with an exceptional username and password for obtaining site. It is mostly used for permitting know about the services rolled out by USPS and for controlling the information flow among its own employees.

Now, in here we’ll be discussing more on LiteBlue USPS Official among the oldest postal systems in the world.


In here we’ll be deciphering all about”Liteblue”. Liteblue is an official website of USPS for its own employees to access details regarding his/her job at USPS. Every employee of USPS has been provided with a unique username and password for accessing website. It’s mostly used for permitting know about the new services gathered by USPS and for controlling the information flow among its own employees.

Facts about the USPS Liteblue

Liteblue delivers more email than any other nation in this world, not even China or Indian Postal system is anywhere near the efficacy of USPS. USPS is known to manage about 156 million+ speeches in just one fiscal year. USPS is considered as a sign of unity in the United States as it doesn’t discriminate people by race.

  • Gross earnings made by USPS is around $1.4 billion, that is far more than many multinational companies operating in the United States.
  • USPS has various standards of mailing.
  • The service workers almost a total of 7.5 million workers in the whole grid. There are approximately 500,000 career workers and 150,000 non-career employees in the US postal services.
  • USPS is currently among the largest employers in the USA. According to stats, it employees greater than 6 lac individuals.
  • The only real service of the US is the only body company that alone builds its revenue and collects no tax return for financing the services. It simply generates from the transport and courier charges and the stamps too.
  • USPS doesn’t discriminate between individuals based on creed and colour.
  • These are some of the most interesting details with USPS, well, there are so many when I started listing out every single one.

There is an assortment of applications and attributes in the lite blue site. The website has been in use for some time for now. As of this moment, all employees, associated members, and stakeholders have access to this site. So why is there a site called liteblue for all USPS workers?

Here are the reasons why.

  • Liteblue is an internet portal made for officials and employees for handling their day-to-day work.
  • It also has a directory which contains thousands of contacts of workers who are working in various branches of USPS across the nation.
  • The information regarding mail orders and job monitoring to have easy access for many users.
  • The internet portal also allows you to get USPS Payroll, tax payment, and gain details.
  • Liteblue increases the ease of circulation of data and request in line with the hierarchy degrees.

These are a few of the interesting features of Liteblue portal. So, are you confused about how to use the portal effectively? If so, stay tuned, we will assist you on the way to get into the portal site.

How to Login to Site?

In here we’ll guide you on how to Liteblue login and utilise website for making the max out of it. An individual can enter the web site directly from the page by simply clicking on the link attached with this report. Logging into the site isn’t only a tremendous job if you follow the steps mentioned below.


For accessing this site, one must be employed with USPS or has been a related member or stake holder. Otherwise, you won’t have the ability to access the site.

Liteblue Login

Once you enter the website, look for your login button. It is located on the upper right corner of the site.


Once you click it, you may see two blanks which ask you to input the unique password and username for accessing the site. The password will be a different code provided to you by your supervisor. If you’re a new employee, then it is always fine to ask for the code.

Now simply enter the credentials and log into the site.

Your password and details will be mailed to you and You will be asked to reset the password.


Make certain that you have an account and are a viable member of the USPS command. If you aren’t, then any attempt to enter the system will hold you legible for consequences. Unauthorized personnel may have to manage administrative action and/or prosecution.

These are some of the basic details about Liteblue if you are unable to access the website smoothly. Please inform us about it because we could help in making your life better. Subscribe and stay tuned for feeds about USPS.

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